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Jyoti Group is one of the oldest business conglomerates in Nepal, with a history of trade in the region for almost a century. In the last 60 years, Jyoti Group has made significant investments in the manufacturing, trade, and services vertical in Nepal, helping the Nepali entrepreneurial spirit grow exponentially.

In 2021, Jyoti Group revisited their existing logo and brand, and wanted to carry forward the longstanding legacy and generational prestige of the old visual identity, but also take it forward with a modern and simplified look and feel to reflect a new generation of business leaders.
The old Jyoti Group logo is a stunning amalgamation of the ashtamangal represented by a Kalash. The Kalash represents abundance and is a symbol of storage and protection, and has all 8 auspicious buddhist symbols coming together to represent the strength of the group, along with the buddhist values the group is rooted in. The text also has a spark, to showcase the meaning of Jyoti- “light”, and sparking a new wave of innovation in Nepal’s economic sector.
Old Logo
The new logo continues to honor the concept of the Kalash, as it represents such a strong and positive icon. For the new visual identity, Jyoti Group simplifies the Kalash symbol, with a modern take fusing the image of Kalash and lotus flower (padma), and highlighting the two english initials J & G, for Jyoti Group. To balance the strong visual identity and logomark, the text based logo of Jyoti Group uses a simple and timeless font, with the lotus flower icon to reinforce the message of purity, growth, and transformation.
New Logo
With time, it is integral that businesses provide services and products that resonate with the consumers and stay relevant to the new generation of potential employees, consumers, and entrepreneurs. The modern logo of Jyoti Group stands as a visual tribute to history while looking forward to a prosperous future.
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