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Founded by Maniharsha Jyoti in 1940s, Jyoti Group is a fourth-generation family-owned business managing a diverse portfolio of more than 30 companies specializing in diverse business verticals.

Jyoti Group has its early roots in trading and began its operation with the trading activities of Bhajuratna Jyoti during the early part of the twentieth century.

During that time, Nepal was a trading hub for the Tibet and the trade items such as cloth, soap and toothpaste to bear bile, otter skin and herbs were carried through porters, horseback, mule and leather boats. Foreseeing the benefits in the business, Manisharsha Jyoti founded the trading company Syamukapu in 1920s. After this, Jyoti Group established its foothold in the trading business developing itself into a trading powerhouse. Established to take the advantage of the trading opportunities in the Tibet Region, Syamukapu, in Tibetan, means ‘white cap’ in reference to the white cap worn by Bhajuratna Jyoti.
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Bhaju Ratna was born in 1882 in Kathmandu. Son of Kulbir Singh and Nanibeti, he grew up in (Takha: Chhen), Kel Tol, close to Jana Baha Dyah. A trader and philanthropist, he laid the early foundation for what is today known as Jyoti Group. He also played a significant role in the revival of Theravada Buddhism in Nepal.


Bhaju Ratna moved to Kalimpong to work at a relative’s shop in the family’s hereditary occupation of making bronze, brass and copper household utensils.

1900 - 1960


Bhaju Ratna married his wife Gyan Maya Tamrakar


Bhaju Ratna moved to Bombay to procure stock to start his first cloth shop in Kathmandu.


Bhaju Ratna established a cloth shop in Kel Tol, which prospered.


Dec 5, Maniharsha Jyoti was born.


A tragic fire led to the loss of all the yarn and textiles, creating a major setback in business. The same year Gyan Maya Tamrakar lost her life, leaving behind 4 children.


Bhaju Ratna remarried and moved to Kalimpong, India in 1921 to start afresh as a seller of household utensils for export to Tibet. Kalimpong was then the start of the caravan route to Lhasa. As business grew, he brought over craftsmen from Kathmandu and established his own workshop.

Bhaju Ratna habitually wore a white cap, and Tibetan traders would often refer to him as Syamukapu, which means "white cap" in Tibetan. It would become the name of the business house he subsequently established in Kalimpong and Tibet.

The same name in Newari is translated to Syakar- the name of what would become one of the largest trading companies in Nepal and the sole authorized dealer of Honda vehicles in Nepal.


Bhaju Ratna diversified into forwarding Lhasa-bound cargo for Lhasa Newar merchants based in the Tibetan capital. Later, he also procured the merchandise for them on commission basis, and dispatched them to Lhasa by mule caravan. By 1930, he had opened his own establishment in Tibet at Phari, which lies on the trade route to Lhasa.


Since most of the merchandise shipped to Lhasa were obtained in Kolkata, he set up an office there too in 1937, and sent his eldest son Maniharsha Jyoti to work there.


Bhaju Rantna set up a business house in Lhasa.


Bhaju Ratna's extensive trading enterprises grew into the Jyoti Group which was founded in the 1940s by Maniharsha Jyoti (1917-1992). It is involved in trading, manufacturing, travel, steel, pharmaceuticals and insurance.

1944 | Hero of Charity

Bhaju Ratna was known as an important religious benefactor, supporting the revival of the Theravada Buddhism movement. He took care of the Buddhist monks when they were banished from Nepal during the Rana regime, in Kalimpong in 1926. He housed and fed monks for years again during the second expulsion in 1944


He passed away peacefully in his home in Kathmandu.

1960 - 2000


Accelerating Nepal’s infrastructural growth and leading it into an era of sufficiency, Maniharsha Jyoti established the first Nepalese iron and steel factory, Himal Iron and Steel, in 1961, in the jungles of Parwanipur, Parsa. The same area today is a thriving industrial hub led by the Jyoti Group.


In 1964, Bhajuratna Engineering and Sales Limited was established with the vision of improving the lives of the Nepalese people by providing quality products and services to the people living in the hills and plains of Nepal. It was established during the time when very few companies were willing to establish their venture out of the Kathmandu valley

1967 | Himal Cement

Maniharsha Jyoti establishes Nepal’s first cement factory, Himal Cement, in Kathmandu.


Jyoti Group begins importing Honda motorcycles.


Nepal’s first gas plant, Himal Oxygen Private Limited was established in 1972 with the production of medical and industrial high purity Oxygen and Nitrogen in gas and liquid forms. At present, the factory has upgraded to producing 99.99% pure Oxygen and provides door to door delivery and after sales services.


Padma Jyoti came back to Nepal after his Accelerator course at MIT and oversaw all operations at the Factory in Parwanipur


Meera Jyoti played an active role in agriculture and social sectore for the staff in Parwanipur. She led social, health and education related activities for the staff and their family and continues to do so by organising annual day at Parwanipur and other places as well.


The Syakar Company Limited was established which serves as the authorized distributor and retailer of Honda, Hero Honda and Philips in Nepal. Syakar Company began its operation with the distribution of Honda motorcycles.


Established in 1982, Himal Wires Private Limited is a complement to Himal Steel products. Capable of manufacturing a wide range of wire products such as galvanized wires, barbed wires, binding wires, deformed wires and annealed wires, the factory has been helping in the development and growth of the country’s infrastructure.


The Syakar Company begins distribution of Hero Honda motorcycles

1989 | Jyoti Spinning Mill

One of the country’s largest textile yarn spinning Mills, the Jyoti Spinning Mill specialized in the manufacturing of cotton, polyester, viscose, polyester/cotton, polyester/viscose and blended yarns in various counts for domestic and export markets.


Established in 1990, Suruchi Travels and Tours Private Limited paved the way for Jyoti Group to enter into the booming tourism business of Nepal through travel related service.


Bhajuratna Pharma Private Limited was established. It began as a distributor of Sarabhai Chemicals, Baroda in 1991 and currently has its warehouse in Birgunj. It is also the authorized distributor and super stockist of pharmaceuticals products of Merck Limited, Karnataka Antibiotics and Pharmaceuticals (KAPL), Wockhardt Limited, Zydus A.H.D., Vetoquinol and Abbott.


Maniharsha Jyoti passes away.


BPC established in 1965, was acquired by a group of private investors including Jyoti Group on a public private partnership model. BPC is listed in the Nepal Stock Exchange with over 80,000 public shareholders and is the leading hydro power company of Nepal. Mr. Padma Jyoti has been leading the company as Chairman since its acquisition. BPC was converted to public private partnership in 2003.


Jyoti Yarn Processing was established in Parwanipur, Parsa which was setup to provide dyeing services for the spinning mills.


Sagarmatha Insurance Company Limited was established in 1996 and has been promoted by the prominent entrepreneurs and leading industrial Group such as Salt Trading Corporation, Golchha Organization, Jyoti Group, MC Group, National Finance Company Limited, Nepal Construction and Engineering Corporation, Ceylinco insurance PLC (Sri-lanka) among others. Mr. Padma Jyoti has been a member of the Board of Directors for 2 decades.

2000 - Present


Saurabh Jyoti looked after trade of Phillips Sound and vision products, computer monitors, and mobile phones.

He also led the initiative for Jyoti Group to become a distributor for Unilever products from the UK through direct imports to become a distributor for products not manufactured in Nepal.


Saurabh Jyoti also looked after Himal Ceramics production tile factory in Panchkhaal until the area of bought by the Nepal army


Saurabh Jyoti officially started overseeing the Honda automobile and motorbikes business along with selling it’s parts


Suhrid Jyoti came back and started working at Bhaju Ratna Engineering (focused on tractors Tafe, trucks Ashok Leyland), welding rods (ESAB), and V-belts (Fenner), Himal Oxygen Production and distribution


Suhrid Jyoti also worked in the Motorcycle business Hero Honda and Honda until 2009


Jyoti Group under Saurabh Jyoti and Suhrid Jyoti looked after Honda’s automobiles and bikes and products at Syakar Trading Company. Over the years, from being #3 in the market, it is #1 in terms of volume of sales and profitability (2021).


Jay Spinning Mills was established (acquiring all assets of Jyoti Spinning Mills)


Grande International Hospital (GIH) which started its operation since April 2012 at Dhapasi, Kathmandu, begins operations with the aim of meeting the demand for advanced medical treatment for general and speciality healthcare in Nepal. Jyoti Group has investment in the hospital.


Mr Suhrid Jyoti established White Hat Company including Digital Marketing, Call center, Whitehat logistics for last mile delivery; Whitehat Photography and Events; and Whitehat Fitness.


Srijana Jyoti led White Hat Digital Marketing.


Jyoti Group acquires Sun International P. Ltd, the authorized distributor for Baskin Robbins Ice-Cream in Nepal.


Through ventured partnerships, The Jyoti Group launches the Chhaya Devi Center, the home of the international boutique hotel chain, Aloft Hotels Kathmandu.


Bhajuratna trading company established, Arati Jyoti started leading Philips lights Department.


SJ Moto: Gallery, museum and cafe for motorcycle enthusiasts opens its doors to the public in Jyoti Bhawan.


Invested in Media 9 company: WOW & Business360 monthly magazines

Just having a good goal isn't enough. How one plans to reach the goal and implement in the long run must also be good.

Maniharsha Jyoti
Founder, Jyoti Group

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