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Jyoti Group has a long history of forging regional and global partnerships with the world's most premium brands to bring the best of the world to Nepal. We prioritize long term partnerships, aligned with our core values, so we can nurture and maintain our alliances.

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We are an organization operating across multiple sectors and disciplines with one focused goal - to improve the quality of life.

Our fast-paced, ever-changing and ever-growing corporate environment is driven by our corporate heartbeat – Raise Yourself to Help Mankind that lets us make a difference in ways we never knew we could. People are our greatest assets. Be part of a culture where employees go beyond discussing the company values and actually LIVE them. We believe that companies don’t succeed, but people do. That’s why we invest in our people!


  • This year embarks 28th years of my journey at Jyoti Group. My association with Jyoti Group has introduced me to resilience whilst being humble. This journey would have been impossible without my team. My team and I together, we thrive and achieve impossible in this inclusive welcoming secure environment. I am proud to be part of the journey with this family, and grow personally and professionally.

    - Dayaram Neupane
  • 14 years at Syakar Trading Company my journey has been filled with learning & growing within the organisation. I have been fortunate to be surrounded by great individuals who are generous in sharing knowledge. Syakar Trading Company gives me the job satisfaction I have always longed for!

    - Sarita Maharjan
  • I, Madhu Shrestha, have worked with the Jyoti Group for 37 years.I am now the office manager at Syakar Trading Company Pvt. Ltd. This company has become like a real family to me. The working environment is also welcoming, with both new and old employees always welcome.

    - Madhu Shrestha

    Innovate With Us.

    We celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit and see utmost value in the restless who want to make a change in the quality of life. We want to ignite your entrepreneurial spirit by providing you with mentorship and opportunities to obtain investment and nurture your business.

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    Building a Better Tomorrow

    Jyoti Group Founder
    Founder Maniharsha and wife Kesari Laxmi

    Founded by Maniharsha Jyoti in 1940s, Jyoti Group is a fourth-generation family-owned business managing a diverse portfolio of more than 30 companies specializing in diverse business verticals. Over the generations, the company has grown by leaps and bounds, and has emerged today as an industrial and trading powerhouse, bringing in its wake economic development for the entire nation.

    Positive Change

    Jyoti Group’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in our corporate ethos. Our goal is to make a positive impact in the lives of our people, the communities in which we operate and the environment. We take our responsibilities and duties towards this seriously with the aspiration to help build a better and sustainable tomorrow.



    Safeguarding the


    In pursuit of excellence

    At the Jyoti Group, innovation and a culture of excellence are practiced in all aspects of management.

    Padma Jyoti

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